Thursday, August 25, 2011

"Nacho Libre" Corn on the Cob

Oh Nacho Libre...such a quotable show!  It was on tv the other day and I saw them eating the mexican style corn, and remembered a recipe I had saved called "Nacho Libre Corn on the Cob."  After trying this Elote recipe, I knew I'd love this one.  This one is a little simpler, and I can never turn down feta cheese!  I'm sure cotija cheese would be wonderful, but feta was already in the refrigerator.

Nacho Libre Corn on the Cob
From:  Favorite Family Recipes

Husk your corn and wrap in tinfoil.  Grill the corn until all sides get a little brown. 

Brush the corn generously with a half mayo half sour cream mixture.

Roll in cotija cheese - kind of a mexican feta, you can sub for feta if you want.

Season with chili powder, then squeeze fresh lime juice over the top.

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