Friday, August 10, 2012

{Better For You} Ranch Dressing

Say hello to a delicious version of the old bottled classic!  This dressing tastes great, and best of all...made with Greek yogurt so you can feel slightly less guilty when you partake of it.  Eat it as a dip with your veggies, or with a slight tweak you can have the consistency of salad dressing that pours easily.  My source on this dressing says that it is only 255 calories for the whole take that for what's it's worth!  Enjoy :)

Healthier (and delicious) Ranch Dressing

1 cup plain nonfat greek yogurt
1 packet hidden valley ranch (dressing, not dip)
1/2 cup 1% milk

Whisk together in bowl and chill for 1 hour before serving.  You may have to mess with the milk ratios a little bit to get the consistency you prefer (either for a dip or dressing).  Start with a small amount of milk and keep whisking until you are satisfied :)

Recipe Source: Caffeinated Chronicles of a Supermom

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