Thursday, April 9, 2015

True Lime

I don't do this often (and this is in no way a sponsored post), but sometimes I come across a product that I just want to get out there, because I LOVE it!  This product I am sharing today I love because it tastes fantastic, it's 100% natural, and it has so many uses :)  

To describe this product, I'll just tell you what the back of the bottle says, " True lime starts in the grove with fresh limes selected for their superior flavor. We then cold press and crystallize the essential lime oils and juices to lock in the flavor at the peak of freshness."  The bottle continues to suggest uses....sprinkled on fruit, as a replacement for lime juice in recipes, sprinkling on meat and seafood, sprinkled on salads, and using as a replacement for table salt.  I used mine in some guacamole today, and WOW!  So, so good.  I also thought it would be good sprinkled on some air popped popcorn.  

I found my bottle at Fred Meyer, but I know those aren't everywhere.  It was in the spice section.  I haven't really checked any other stores for it yet, but if not it is available on Amazon (link here).  I also noticed on Amazon, the same company has lemon, orange, and grapefruit as well.  It will be worth a try one of these days!

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